SEA CON Business Relocation Services

Business Relocation Move Planning FAQ's

What is the Uniform Relocation Act and how does it relate to eminent domain?

The Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Act is a federal law that establishes minimum standards for federally funded projects that require the acquisition of real estate that displaces persons from their homes, businesses, or farms.

What agencies has SEA CON worked with in the past?

SEA CON has worked with multiple agencies including, but not limited to:

  • Sound Transit
  • Washington State Department of Transportation
  • King County
  • Port of Seattle
  • Utah Department of Transportation
  • City of Redmond, Washington
  • City of Woodinville, Washington
  • City of Issaquah, Washington


Is it necessary to hire SEA CON to assist in the process, or can a business owner use the public agency’s assigned relocation agent?

The displacing agency will provide a relocation agent. However, the Uniform Relocation Act states that professional services for planning the move of the personal property is an eligible moving expense. This means the agency will typically reimburse a displaced business owner to hire SEA CON to assist.

What are the first steps to relocating my business?

If a business owner is notified by an agency that they are going to be displaced, the first thing they should do is come to terms with acceptance of the fact they will indeed have to relocate. The process of finding a new location, going through the design/permitting/construction process, and the physical move from one place to another can take a significant amount of time. The sooner a business owner starts the process, the better chance they have of a smooth transition.