SEA CON Business Relocation Services

About SEA CON’s Business Relocation Services

SEA CON’s Business Relocation Services was formed by Bob Power and Rob Howie in 1989. The initial mission of the group was, and continues to be, to offer real estate development services to both owner/users and commercial/industrial development projects. The help owner/users, land owners, joint ventures and their own account.

SEA CON’s Business Relocation Services offers turn-key moving and development services taking a project from conception to completion. This starts with understanding the project requirements and limitations and developing a feasibility study to ensure the project meets both economic and the functional requirements identified. Having the right team involved early on gives the project the greatest chance of success.

We will assemble the team of professionals and consultants that are required and the best fit for the project. Our team is very proactive during design and permitting, working with the design team and supplier to value engineer all aspects of the project. Our experience working with municipalities helps expedite the permit process. Our strong ties to the financing community can help get a project the best financing options available. SEA CON’s Business Relocation Services team  has extensive construction management experience with an impressive portfolio of successfully completed projects. The management teams proven ability to bring a project in on schedule and on budget results in a successful real estate development project.